Working with developers


23rd November 2016

I am a designer. I’ve been working for Devsar for almost five years now. When I first joined the company, it was small with just a few employees, and apart from me, they were all developers.

I started working as a designer, but it was clear for me from the beginning that if I wanted to work for the company, I should adapt, look up for a role that fitted my knowledge and learn new skills. So, slowly, I began to write htm/css and in time I added some js. Now,once in a while, I’m asked for help to solve a Html/Css related problems. But I’m not a developer, I’m a web designer, who occasionally writes code.

Lessons I have learned

As a designer, I’ve learned to watch beyond what is said, and see what else is being communicated by  images, colors, icons, etc. I’ve learned that everything communicates. As a coder, I’ve learned to watch what is behind appearance, how a site is built and how it works.

For me, the most interesting thing was to understand how programmers see a design. Lots of things that I gave for granted, that were obvious for me, weren’t so obvious for them.

And this works in the same way, the other way round. I learn new things from them every day about how programming works, and some of these things are very useful for me as a designer.

The modularity and reusability which are core concepts in programming languages can be very useful when it comes to gain more consistency in design.

The first thing to understand is that you, as a designer, can learn to design from programmers, and at the same time you can teach them some things.

Programmer don’t usually have the eye to see the detail because they don’t need it. They are trying to make everything work as a whole. The designer is looking for that little thing that can make communication simpler and more effective and sometimes forgets to see the whole. In general, for both of them, it is very difficult to see the importance of the other’s work, but  we should never forget that we are all working towards the same goal.

Working as a team

The most important lesson is humbleness. You are not the only one that can give a solution to a communication problem, and sometimes the most important thing is to listen and learn how other people see things. At the same time, it is learning to appreciate your work and know how much you can contribute to them.

I think the key is to work as a team. Programming and designing are part of the same process when we are building an app or a website. Both can contribute to both communication and structure. We should always try to listen to what other people have to say about our work.

After five years of working with devsar, I can say that working with programmers has changed the way I see my work as a designer. It has taught me to work as part of a team and listen to others.