The FYT Project

Martin Riva

30th November 2015

Find Your Trainer” is a New York startup company, focused simply on making people’s life easier by providing them with an easy and online booking service for Personal Trainers. They are growing to be one of the best online platforms to book a Personal Trainer in New York, Phili, Chicago & Atlanta.


Find your trainer


The idea is to easily go online to book a trainer, just like you do with a taxi or a hotel room. Booking a session can be done really fast and the site offers several ways to find the best match for your needs. Are you trying to lose some weight, get stronger or maybe prepare for a special event? They will suggest the best trainer to achieve your goals!

The platform provides trainers the ability to fill their own scheduling and add pictures and videos as well. It is also easy for users to search and book in a very friendly and straightforward way. The booking process consists of 3 simple steps: 1) user chooses a trainer, 2) picks up a date & time 3) books and enjoys the session. As simple as that.

Find your trainer 2

The site was originally designed and coded in Python/Django by a mixed team of US/Europe developers. The frontend contains pure JS, jQuery, CSS and HTML. The point of using all of these elements in the frontend was to make sure that the site was fast and precise. In order to beat their budget burnout, in August 2014 their CEO, David Hung, came to us with the request to maintain, support and add more features to the existing base code. Since then, we’ve been taking care of all the details of the frontend and backend of the website, including making it responsive and adjustable for the mobile version. We also take care of the dev ops of the platform which includes managing several AWS instances and databases that support the online services. 

Find your trainer 3

We’ve made great improvements in regard to performance, look & feel, UX and we have added a ton of new cool features!

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