We’ve been awarded as Clutch’s Top Leaders in Argentina


27th September 2019

Devsar has been awarded as a Top Leader in Argentina for Web Development Since 2010, Our team has been looking forward to providing the best IT solutions for our client’s projects. We specialize in web and mobile development because we know where the future of IT is going and we are committed to being ahead of […]

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Understanding Python Decorators: Static, Class, Abstract


25th January 2016

The first thing that we have to ask ourselves is: What is a Python decorator? Well, in a formal way “A decorator is the name used for a software design pattern. Decorators dynamically alter the functionality of a function, method, or class without having to directly use subclasses or change the source code of the […]

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The FYT Project

Martin Riva

30th November 2015

“Find Your Trainer” is a New York startup company, focused simply on making people’s life easier by providing them with an easy and online booking service for Personal Trainers. They are growing to be one of the best online platforms to book a Personal Trainer in New York, Phili, Chicago & Atlanta.     The […]

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