A peek inside DevsAr day to day


11th July 2016

It’s early. The day is just beginning. The “early birds” start coming to the office. The friendly “good morning” announces the arrival of each member. Comments about what was done yesterday or what will be done today are some typical office talks.

It’s nine o’clock and everyone is ready to start. Some folks start right away, others take their time to analyze the weekly backlog and carefully choose what will be the next task , while others prepare their coffee (we all know that a good cup of coffee will help us get started!). The day has already started and everyone is completely focused on their work. Some people are writing code, others are making quick stand up calls with their clients, trying to understand or redefine details of the requested features. The idea is understood, analyzed and assimilated. The show must go on! You can hear whispers, some discussions and a lot of laughter, as a result of a ridiculous solution (why not?). In the corner of the office, two guys are standing in front of the board to have a more graphical overview of the activities undertaken.

Noon approaches.  Almost all team members are concluding part of the proposed activity and take advantage of the lunch break to refresh and stretch the mind. In the dining room, in the middle of comments and laughter, we talk about all kinds of subjects (from new technologies to local news). It’s a good time to ask for some advice if you’re stuck with a tricky task. The recommendations come soon. A brief respite, and it’s time to go back.

With restored energy (and maybe another cup of coffee) the team continues to work. Some of them look concerned about something and ask advice to mentors. Others, however, are satisfied with the work done. Each one protects an idea, the idea from the customer , which represents an ideal. There is a group of  people behind it, which grows and grows everyday (we’re a sort of “idea guardians”, aren’t we?). I think everyone shares part of their convictions with the project they are working on. While I’m writing this article, I look at them. They’re so different. But the sense of unity, of camaraderie is what binds us. Personally, I think that it’s one of the most important values we have.

It’s time to review what’s been done, save changes and commit the code. At the end of  the day, the “see you tomorrow” is heard. A work day is over. It’s time to go home and get some rest 🙂