My experience at Python Brazil 2015!


23rd December 2015

Python Brazil assistants

Hi there! My name is Martin Alderete (@alderetemartin) and I am Software Architect at Devsar. In this post I wanted to share my experience and some of what I’ve learned on my last trip to Brazil for the PyCon. The event was held the last November 7th, the conference was hosted in São José dos Campos SP. DevsAr was present in that event for the very first time. I am proud to say I was the responsible guy for that.

Starting the trip

I flew up to São Paulo SP. from Ezeiza. It was a nice and smooth flight to Brazil. It took about 3 hours. I must confess. I was so excited about the trip that I could not sleep at all.

I arrived in São Paulo and tried to perform a “context-switching” to speak Portuguese, it was not an easy but funny task and I enjoyed it a lot. After a short wait, I took a bus, the “Pássaro Marron”, straight to São José dos Campos. It was a brand new, cool bus with WiFi included so I was able to check my emails, contact my family and rest a little bit.

Once in São José dos Campos, I took a taxi to the Hotel and went to my room to take a bath and eat some food.

Python Brazil is warming up!

During the first two days, there were workshops related with Python and software engineering. I had bad luck and I missed the first day of workshops because I had no idea that they were hosted in a different location instead of the Hotel, so that first day was a networking day where I met and talked with cool people!

Next day, Julio (my contact and one of the organizers) gave me a ride to the workshops so I was able to attend to them and I really really enjoyed them!

The workshop that I liked most was held by “Rodolpho” a really cool and smart Brazilian guy who works for Google in Switzerland and has an incredible knowledge of Computer Science. He gave us an exercise used at Google during the hiring process. The goal of the workshop was to plan and design the architecture of a distributed system tackling some tough requirements such as: maximum response time, average of packages lost, network reliability and capacity, etc. I really enjoyed the workshop, I love distributed systems despite the fact that Rodolpho held the workshop in Portuguese and the others talked in Portuguese too, I managed to understand everything or almost everything. Rodolpho was so kind and took the time to explain some parts in English to me. That way I fully got the idea of the workshop even I collaborated with the design of the distributed system.

Every 2 hours we had a coffee break where we ate a lot of tasty food (thanks Brazil!) and talked with each other about different topics, not only Python and Computer Science.

After the workshops, I joined Rodolpho, Avelino and other guys and went to a Sushi bar. It was an “all you can eat” Sushi place. We ate a lot, literally a lot of fish! After that I went to the Hotel to be ready for the next day.

Python Brazil is officially launched!

Next day, Python Brazil officially started. There were a lot of people hanging around, talking, laughing and chilling out, I felt so comfortable. All the people were really warm and kind. The first day I went to all the talks I had planned. It was a really tough experience because all the talks were given in Portuguese and I had to pay more attention than usual, but I managed to understand the ideas behind each talk and I even talked in Portuguese with some speakers during the QA sections.

The technical level I saw that first day was high. I liked the first keynote given by “Rafael Gonçalves” where he told us how they built a ship simulator from scratch, hardware and software, and they coded all the software using Python. That talk was amazing from a tech perspective and also from an entrepreneurship perspective.

My turn…

Martin Alderete Python Brazil on stage


Second day of Python Brazil. As the day before I was way too excited and enjoying everything around me: the people, the food, the weather, the talks, even the noise, but there was an something else, that day was my turn to talk and represent DevsAr and Python Argentina. I went to the talks I wanted as normal, then I took some spare time to review my presentation and be ready to talk.

After lunch, I went to the “Web Track” room where I had to talk. My presentation was titled “Asynchronous programming with Python/Django”, something I always enjoy teaching and sharing.

The room was full of people and the translator was ready to work because I could not give the talk in Portuguese I chose English and the organizers called a translator to help the attendees.

The moment arrived. I really enjoy giving talks but I always feel nervous no matter what. I went on the stage and started my presentation. First, I apologized for speaking in English then I started with my business. As the presentation went by, I felt more relaxed, comfortable and excited. The audience was attentive and interested in my topic so I enjoyed it even more!

I finished my presentation on time, so I was able to reply some question the attendees had. It was nice to see how interested they were in my presentation and how many question they had. We shared 5 or 10 minutes talking. After that QA section I felt happy and satisfied. I can not explain the emotion of “getting the job done”. While I was sorting my stuff out, a group of people came to me and they congratulated and thanked me for the presentation, they were really happy about it. I was in shock for that reaction so I thanked them for the compliments and felt satisfied.

After the talk , I got some rest and uploaded my slides and shared them by twitter. A few minutes later I started seeing tweets related to my talk. It was amazing :)!

Everything has an end…

That afternoon, I attended  to other talks and continued meeting people and sharing experiences. Dave Beazley gave a keynote about “Async IO in Python 3” It was a nice talk about concurrency from ground up. Dave is an excellent and smart guy so his talks are always a must-see.

After that keynote, the organizers officially closed the event and invited everyone to a final dinner. In the dinner we had a lot of fun… the organizers invited us (me and the other internationals) to a Go-Karts race. It was a pretty funny and unbelievable moment.

I would like to say thank AGAIN and AGAIN to Python Brazil for the pleasant and friendly days I spent in Brazil. I felt like at home from the very first day even being an unknown guy. I will be back to Python Brazil for sure. Wait for me!!!

Python Brazil GO-karts

The next day, I packed my bags and flew back to Argentina because I had to join some partners from DevsAr and go to Mendoza. I had to speak again but that time in our Python Conference, PyConAr 2015, so my trip had not finished yet.

The PyCons adventure will continue so keep tuned 😉