Dealing with hybrid apps


19th December 2016

We know that there exist different apps platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone). They are built with different techniques, focusing on the problem to solve (or the need that we want to create hahaha). Also, we know that the same app is available (in most of the cases) on one, two or more platforms. But most […]

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Django Sites Framework


5th December 2016

Have you ever had to work with more than one site of the same organization at the same time? In this post, I’m going to expose a possible solution to associate sites in an easy way for optimization. Here is an example. In Devsar, we develop “Find Your Trainer”, an online platform to book personal […]

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Asynchronous Tasks with Celery & Django

10th June 2016

What’s Celery?   It is an asynchronous job queue used to run tasks in the background based on distributed message passing written in python. It allows you to run time-consuming Python functions in the background. In other words it lets you do the heavy lifting later or at a specific time. Celery uses “brokers” to […]

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