We’ve been awarded as Clutch’s Top Leaders in Argentina

27th September 2019

Devsar has been awarded as a Top Leader in Argentina for Web Development Since 2010, Our team has been looking forward to providing the best IT solutions for our client’s projects. We specialize in web and mobile development because we know where the future of IT is going and we are committed to being ahead of […]

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Outsourcing Software Development: Nearshore vs Offshore.

Tadeo Badr

28th January 2019

Outsourcing Software Development: Nearshore vs Offshore. 3 Reasons why Nearshore is the better choice   In case you’re planning to invest in web development, a mobile app or any kind of software, you probably want to consider outsourcing, since it saves you time and money. You don’t have to go through the hiring process and […]

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Devsar Racks up as Top Mobile App Development Company in New York at GoodFirms


12th December 2017

Devsar with its calm yet vibrant vibe in the team and their work has been able to build some impressive innovative work since its foundation in 2010. The company has been able to build up its standards by giving the clients special services like early development snapshots of the app, step-by-step access to the project […]

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Internet of Things, find out what’s up.


26th December 2016

IoT is a term used to refer to daily-use devices which are connected to the  Internet. Fridges, washing machines, coffee machines, air conditioners, buildings, cars and entire cities. Every physical object that we can imagine could be connected to the Internet for sending and receiving data, interacting with one another and executing tasks. Thanks to cheaper, […]

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Dealing with hybrid apps


19th December 2016

We know that there exist different apps platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone). They are built with different techniques, focusing on the problem to solve (or the need that we want to create hahaha). Also, we know that the same app is available (in most of the cases) on one, two or more platforms. But most […]

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What is HLS Live Streaming?


14th December 2016

HLS video streaming Nowadays, video streaming is very much used by people over the internet. They use it for watching movies online, musical video clips or live TV programs on their computer or smartphones. They also use it for sharing their own home videos of themselves, for example teaching something, playing video games, etc. What […]

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Django Sites Framework


5th December 2016

Have you ever had to work with more than one site of the same organization at the same time? In this post, I’m going to expose a possible solution to associate sites in an easy way for optimization. Here is an example. In Devsar, we develop “Find Your Trainer”, an online platform to book personal […]

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What’s WebScraping?


30th November 2016

  Scraping is most likely a technique rather than a specific tool or framework. It’s a way to get  information in an automatic way  from different sources. It’s said that everything that is public is scrapable starting with HTML content, digital documents like spreadsheets, csv and any kind of files. In addition to scraping, we […]

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